Northcote Furniture

Northcote Furniture

Northcote furniture creates functional, traditionally crafted, handmade furniture. Based in Buckinghamshire. Specialising in freestanding one-off pieces.

Using traditonal methods and tools Northcote Furniture specialises in creating bespoke one-off pieces. The use of hand tools is a crucial part of the making process in each product, ensuring that every object is truely handmade and you can feel its made by a craftsperson.


My name is Chris. Furniture design and making brings together lots of things that I enjoy and am passionate about: design aesthetics, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and discovering new ways to reduce the negative impact I have on the planet.

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Bring an idea, a problem or even a space and we will work together through different designs, options and solutions, Starting broad and working down to the fine details. Using tradtional methods to ensure that you recieve a piece of furniture that can stay with you forever, wherever life leads.

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